Beata Ujvari to receive the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to Ideas 2018

The Deakin University Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Ideas recognise and celebrate outstanding contributions to research made by staff encapsulating and implementing the IDEAS pillar of Deakin’s strategic agenda, LIVE the future, to ‘make a difference through world-class innovation and research.’

2018 V-C Awards @ Deakin Uni

The Vice-Chancellor’s Award for International Research Collaboration recognises the Laboratory without Borders international team which applies evolutionary principleas and ecological approaches to cancer.

Cancer is not only a major cause of mortality worldwide that touches nearly every family, but also a disease which affects all other multicellular organisms. Despite this, oncology and other biological sciences such as ecology and evolution have until very recently developed in relative isolation.

The team’s approach breaks novel ground – both experimentally and theoretically – in the understanding of cancer progression and its work will reshape the conceptual landscape of cancer biology, evolutionary ecology and biology.