Past Group Members

Geordie Jennings
Honours student, co-supervised with Dr Rodrigo Hamede (in collaboration with UTAS).
Topic: Seasonal and disease driven dynamics in immune capacity of Tasmanian devils.

Jordan ChartersJordan Charters
Researcher from A/Prof Robbie Wilsons’ group (The Performance Lab) University of Queensland.
Topic: Sex, death and telomeres: how ageing influence reproductive success in suicidal breeding Australian marsupials.

No ImageMohammad Mahmudul Hassan
International Higher Degree Research Student, co-supervised with Prof Marcel Klaassen.
Topic: Who is the culprit: ecology and epidemiology of Avian Influenza at the wildlife / poultry interface in Bangladesh.

Karinda Lee Henry
Honours student, co-supervised with Dr Ina Smith at CSIRO-AAHL (based at AAHL).
Topic: Discovery of Infectious Agents in Australian Bats. More about Karinda HERE.

PatrickPatrick Mileto
Research associate. Co-supervised with Dr Bethany Hoye and Dr Simeon Lisovski
Topic: Telomere length, environmental factors and return rate in migratory birds.

Kim-smallKimberly Pinch
Honours student.
Topic: Naive predators and toxic prey: A population genetic analysis of yellow-spotted goannas (Varanus panoptes) across Australia.

Erin Dohrmann
Honours student. Supervised by Associate Professor Beata Ujvari and co-supervisor was Dr Mun Hua Tan.
Topic: Mitochondrial elements in the Tasmanian devil genome.